Sunday, July 18, 2010

It Is About, It Is About, It Is About to Rolywholyover

There is an urgency to the morning after Irfan's song; before, during, and after the Open Studios, not to mention the impending end of camp. If consolation is needed, it is offered (if OhMI is inconsolable, shethinks the world is, too):

The Art World Home Companion

Attention artists!

This is the only professional development workshop you will ever need!

Performance by Pablo Helguera with special guests Ryan Hill and Larry Krone

On Saturday, July 17, at 3pm, Pablo Helguera will perform a broadcast of The Art World Home Companion. As Helguera states, "The art world has now a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a companion finally not to compete against or sleep with for convenience but just someone to laugh with, to love, learn and share our eccentricities, fears and desires as members of our little town which is the Art World." His performance may include any of the following: special guests, American folk music, art recipes, site-specific travel tips from the Atlas of Art Commonplaces, strange manifestos, a special appearance by performing artist Larry Krone and the centrally important program The Estheticist, where Helguera and artist Ryan Hill will respond to listeners' burning professional questions about their art careers. Don't miss Helguera's only scheduled participatory performance during the exhibition Condensations of the Social.

Please write to The Estheticist!

The Estheticist is a correspondence service that provides free guidance and answers questions about the visual arts profession. Questions may relate to professional dilemmas (how can I approach my curator friend to include me into a show without being pushy?), ethical issues in the art world (should I curate myself into a show?), conflict of interest-scenarios (should I curate my boyfriend into a show?), basic skills questions ( how does one enter into the biennial circuit?) practical matters (should I move to Berlin?) or serious theoretical issues (what is "social practice" and is it good for me?).

Write us with your question to EVERY SINGLE INQUIRY WILL BE ANSWERED. The answers to all questions will be made available at Smack Mellon on July 17, at 3pm, where Pablo Helguera will answer a selection of these questions at the live presentation of The Art World Home Companion. You will be publicly acknowledged for your question, except if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We see this as an urgent service and platform of communication for emerging artists, curators, arts educators, and art writers. We look forward to your inquiries!

The exhibition and accoutrements curated by Sarah Riesman, who visited us at Omi.

Black Light, Communal For Now

caraballo-farman extended an invitation to certain people to enter their room and do something to it, then do something else. Invitations have been revoked occasionally (from yours truly, just think of it), then re-extended. This generous fluctuation in direction by c-f is known to drive those who subscribe to it into a state of controlled madness. Up and down the wall. This up and down event launched the night before the Open Studios day, coming up on OhMI bloG! soon.