Shona Wilson

Shona, Camp Camera Crew is so sorry to have missed you at the studio on the Open Day! (We were sitting on the stoop above the serpent nest till everyone left, but you were not there...)

She makes delicate structures out of natural materials. Designs are derived from microscopic views of organisms; as well as from constructions macroscopic systems of everything, from doilies to mandalas.

Upon a closer inspection, one discovers that not everything is "natural" in the design of nature - the tiny yellow piece near the center is a piece of plastic. Scientists have found man-made materials in the bio-tissue of living microorganisms. The placement of the yellow implant near, but slightly off-center appears  to be significant - a hard chip at heart. 

Shona inserts blue chips into the tree near the barn, and yellow chips into trees near her shed. She chooses color of the inserts according to the general coloration of the trees. Trees grow, some implants fall off, some remain, incorporated in the natural structure. Did she change the course of nature? Was her decision to alter the environment justified, beyond aesthetic considerations? Should artificial implants be removed, or left in? We shall see.  

This manipulation brings to mind another instance of nature hacking, which was brought to OhMI's attention by Abou Farman last night - a team at Berkeley hacked a beetle's brain with a wireless computer chip - and control the direction it flies in: