Friday, July 23, 2010


Say to the people, it's Over. Yet the virtual is ahistorical - the end is the beginning, S to O.

A social experiment in commune building at Omi: communal living, working, talking. Extracted from their contexts and put together in a contained space, individuals engage in an abbreviated reproduction of their preexisting conditions - names and places of origin locked together, substitutes found for what is missing. Projective space reconfigured.

The lack of currency - of a presence, not a place holder of a studio - has been reconstituted through recording and rendering of the same-same circumstance. Commitment, compromise, omission. Cutting words/works. Be kind, rewind.

Virtual configuration - OhMI - glitched to the circumstantial Omi - remains a still of utility, over and over again.

My work is in working with others. Among all the others, there is One who informed this work. Thank you, O.