Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Everything I said seemed wrong the second after it came out of my mouth" by Domenick Ammirati

attached are three pages from the manuscript of the novel i'm working on. three is a convenient number, variously, and it's also in homage to claudia's and sandra's reflections on the proper number of critics at art omi.

i chose to submit manuscript pages for a variety of reasons. foremost, after you all were so kind as to let me peek into your studios, it seems only fair to let you turn the tables, and sending you something not yet finalized seemed to be in line with what we in the art world all hold to be good and true these days, viz., that we should put process on equal footing with product, or at least encode it in the end results of what we make. the pages are discontinuous because i like fragments, and a sense of mystery, however cheap. and in fact all of the three pages feature things that might well end up being cut from the novel. whether it's ecological or the result of being raised by parents who remember the great depression, i hate waste. if no one else sees these scraps, you will. and finally, it's a small vanity, but i kind of like the way they look.

thanks again for having me up, keep in touch, and good luck to you all.


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