Saturday, July 10, 2010

Night Light

Last night, Gudrun Barenbrock turned her projector inside out and threw her videos over the trees at the far end of the barn, with its open doors framing the outdoors like a screen. Moving abstract lines, scrims, and shadows of her landscape-derived imagery were animated by the live backdrop of rustling trees; in turn, the landscape became artificial. Earlier in the afternoon, we talked about how one projects one’s own creations onto what one sees around. Words, when taken literally as objects rather than metaphors, can turn into acts that can change everything.

Instead of the usual soundtrack accompanying Gudrun’s videos, Leonor spun electronic sound, turning the projected trees acid green, as the trusty Dream Machine reliably delivered doses of heightened sensation. Everybody there danced, but not like Abou, who released Snake (c)Harming dance with the sprouting water hose in the projector’s beam. Night moths landed on the black backgrounds of Nancy’s paintings, as Irfan inquired about her qualifications to paint mystical instances. Everything synced in the light of the magic lantern.

Magic or not, artists tend to record it, and OhMI noticed the presence of cameras at the event. If we get the footage, we will show that this was true.


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